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Breakupservice - the easy way of saying "it’s finished"

Do you have enough of your relation but you don’t know how to say it? Call "BreakupService.com and they will call your dear one and tell that it is over.


Honestly, this service will do the "dirty" work for you! You can simply hire their services to tell your beloved one it’s over, they will also provide the reasons. And only for about 50 dollars.

Love itself is still not really for sale, but now your way out of love is and it represents no longer an annoying step to pass.

When I heard about this service I did my little reseach to find out more:

  • in various countries they are talking about it, especially in March this year, the United Kingdom, Germany, Czech Republic, and ofcourse the United States.
  • the service was launched probably in the beginning of 2002
  • ofcourse it is an American "company"
  • services can also be larger, including getting rid of the stuff of your dear one, but has its price ...

Services for sale ....

Just one surprise, when looking at their website Breakupservice.com I found that the website
and the domain are proposed for sale. The website does not offer many information, only some testimonials and email contacts.

Very strange, could it be that something went wrong and someone did not appreciate being told that their relationship was offer? If it is the end of Breakupservice.com, would someone have informed them about it by phone like they did to others?

[24 August 2004]

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