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Jacqueline-oud.com is a website about culture. Culture seems so easy as it is naturally all around us. But, the fact is that more and more people ignore the culture, ignore its heritage and its richness. This website will meet your needs for ideas, for reflection and will propose you each time a variety of topics and suggestions to stay ahead of others.

I belief that culture, and the contact with culture, is essential in life. It will be the only way to stay awake in this world where things go quicker every day and where technology takes an ever bigger place in our lives. People travel more and more but without noticing the differences from one place to another, without being surprised and with taking less pleasure in it. Communication is often done with fewer emotions and in a hurry.

Do you want to stay open-minded and increase your knowledge? Be curious and discover also the places, trends and origins to see it all in action and happening. Take time to live and to enjoy the beauty of culture and the happiness and values of this world will shine to you.

Part of my philosophy is that one should be curious and open minded. For whatever reason you might have come to this website, feel welcome, take a visit, and let me share my ideas with you. I’m looking forward to receiving your ideas and suggestions in return:

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For Marketing and Strategy issues, I created a special website where different authors exchange their ideas on these topics. Marketing Planet can be found just here: www.marketing-planet.com, you won’t be dissapointed and you can also join your own comments!

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Last articles:

The biggest rivers in the world

Something so impressive as the worlds biggest rivers keeps fascinating me. It appears I am not the only one. So, if you are not afraid to get wet, let’s take a ride.

Découvrir Paris et ses lieux calmes - c’est possible

Paris, la ville pétillante et énergique ? Oui, mais il y a aussi Paris et ses lieux calmes. Si, si, vraiment. Paris cache quelques endroits au calme pour se resourcer ou pour se balader tout simplement. Cela vous tente ? Venez les découvrir donc.

Nuit Blanche 2006 àParis : voyage insolite et nocturne le 7 octobre

Nuit Blanche 2006 àParis permet de nouveau àdes artistes de prendre possession de lieux variés pour les transformer en espace culturelle originale et amener le visiteur en voyage nocturne et insolite. Rendez-vous àne pas manquer le 7 octobre 2006.

The world wonders - a journey from the Greek to tomorrow’s new list

The list of the 7 world wonders is commonly known but since time there have been various lists. Why is the "Greek" one accepted, what about the UNESCO world heritage list and what can be expected for the new list of new7wonders?

Where are we in 10 years from now? / Waar zijn we over 10 jaar?

Are we going to be de-humanised or is there still hope? Let’s see the ideas of where we are in 10 years. Artcle in English / Nederlands artikel

Groei capucijners met ING Direct

ING Direct, vooral bekend in Nederland, is in Frankrijk agressif met klanten aantrekken. Hun nieuwste aktie: het uitdelen van capucijners ....

Sudoko - and the game continues!

In december 2005 I wrote an article about Sudoko. Since then, my article has had a huge success which is a good representatation of the success of sudoko itself. I have listed some new facts and new sudoko variants. Give it a try, if you’re not yet an addict.

2006: 78th Oscar Awards

Every year many people from different countries watch the Oscar Awards live on television. This years edition of the most famous awards in the film industry will take place on March 5th.

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In English you can put the words in any order and most of the time it’s charming. Speaking languages like French and Japanese badly is simply not charming. (Fortune interview 10/2005)

Sir Howard Stringer (CEO Sony)

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Tunisian desert

Tunisian desert