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Internet or Maslow version 2005 according to MorganStanley

In November 2005 Mary Meeker from MorganStanley presented the internet survey at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. This presentation is now available in internet and shows the huge steps the internet has enabled the world to take.

No longer only the USA

Whereas some years ago, it was mainly the United States that counted in the world of internet(near 70%), we now notice that they only count for about 20%. The rest of the internet use is more spread over the rest of the world.

With the boom of internet and technology, the report shows even that the number of engineers that graduate in the USA is less important than that of India let alone China. This doesn’t withstand that the salaries are completely different between Asia and the USA.

It is also in Asia that the evolution is clearly taking big proportions:

  • South Korea is having more than 70% of broadband access
  • Japan sends more emails by phone than by PC
  • China counts the "youngest" internet users: their proportion of under 30 years is the highest in the world [1].

Maslow in 2005 .....

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MorganStanley: Maslow in 2005

It is clear that much has changed. Try to imagine how you worked 10 years ago and how you managed to communicate with each other. Some people have that far adopted the internet and linked technologies that they are now incapable of living without their mobile phone.

When you have a look at the image above, it will probably make you smile. Many have heard about Maslow’s theory

In reality though, there are still masses of people who have never heard of Maslow but are still definitely in the initial pyramid of needs. What is also remarkable is that in the study the main actors are Asia and USA, followed, supposing, by Europe but no word about Latin America.

And tomorrow?

In the same survey we can find many financial data. A lot about the evolution from Google, Yahoo! and eBay: their investments, T/O and market vaue.

According the survey, the future will move internet and technologies even faster: "You ain’t seen nothing yet". The different uses with the technologies are numerous and the game is being played on different levels:

  • Video
  • Voice
  • WiFi
  • Broadband
  • Storage
  • Open Source

Though the spending on internet are finally rising, after quite some years of hope, the way companies use advertising on internet is still not very well developed. I shouldn’t be saying this but, when will marketing people use internet adequately in their action plans and take all the benefit they can from this?

Have a look for yourself Global technology / Internet trends by MorganStanley

[1of course you can say that it is there that there are most of the inhabitants taking thus the number easily to high dimensions

[28 December 2005]

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