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The reasons for chosing this website

This website is not like the other ones you can find on internet. If you are not yet used to its "formula" you might be very pleased to find the reasons why. If you are amongst those that regularly visit the webiste, you will find here a confirmation of the reasons why you keep coming back.

  • Different: the website distinguishes in originality and creativity form other websites that focus on marketing or strategy. Besides, it is entirely unpartial and independant
  • Updates: each week you will find new interesting articles and news flashes.
  • Really international, whereas others only try: articles in various languages, a multicultural vision and approach, trends and info’s detected from everwhere and a fully international team.
  • You count: your are invited to suggest, participate and echange your ideas. And we do really reply you!
  • Free info: by subscribing to the Neswletter you will reveive the monthly updates not only on published articles, news but even previews on upcoming issues.

NB: the website is healthy too: no pollution, you don’t put on weight and it’s non-alcoholic.

[26 March 2004]

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