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Some words about the website

The aim of this website:

The three main topics from the website are: Culture, Action and originally Marketing & Strategy.

Marketing & Strategy may have obtained its independent website with Marketing Planet it still has its place for the moment. In the same time, both marketing and strategy will influence today’s culture and the ways we travel, discover new places.

You may still find some topics that are linked with strategy, but on this website it will be moreover seen from a non-business point of view. Strategy is closely linked with a culture and with history.

Culture not only helps you to see other ways of living and patterns of history but reflects the whole society. We can speak about today’s heritage of culture as we can also speak about the importance of new cultures.

Culture is everywhere and is bound to stay. It may just not always be visible to all of us. I want you to see different faces of cultures, different styles of culture. In French they can call it ecléctique or maybe too various, but I think that one should listen to all forms of culture only after you can judge what you like or not like. Simply learn to respect and appreciate.

I consider myself international; this website will therefore cover culture from different points of view and in different languages. Cultures we knew from the past may come back into fashion at any moment. The laws of fashion, strategy and marketing are closely linked to culture.

Action will finally take you to different parts of the world, will show you what is happening elsewhere and what might be interesting for yourself to discover. Influences can be felt from around us since some destinations may look more familiar to you then others. Some you may never have heard about. Action and discoveries go together. It is obvious that culture is very closely linked to this too. Let me take you to these places and go on a virtual voyage.

Some parts in the worlds are still secret and others have become "mass tourism". Each country develops a strategy as to attract certain people and create a certain image. But whatever the approach can be keep in mind that there is no use of being busy intellectually if you don’t complete your life with action or fill it with fresh air.

Propriety :

Jacqueline-oud.com is a private website that does not proclaim to create or invent all that is published on this site. Many topics are linked to articles that appeared interviews that were given or books and case studies that can be read. Sources will be mentioned wherever possible and may even guide you towards more in-depth information or further research.

All articles are edited by me unless indicated differently and though the common language used on this website is English, you will find articles in other languages too such as French and Dutch, Spanish and in the future even more, why not.

Technical Support:

The website is hosted by Ouvaton and has been developed by Nicolas. The chosen technology to build its structure is SPIP which is an Open Source PHP software. Without the help from Nicolas this website would not have had its look’s and could in fact simply not have existed. I owe him many thanks and am very happy of having the pleasure of working with him.

[24 August 2004]

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