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Marketing Planet, the (new) international place for discussions on marketing

Marketing and Culture

This website aimed until now to join marketing and culture in one website because of the importance for marketing to stay open to new ideas and to inspire new applications. Since its launch, it has proved to enrich both marketing and culture, especially with its dual approach.

In fact, it has enriched both parts up to an equal level of importance and potential. Its visitors have also proven this by coming regularly and more and more numerous.

A star is born

With equal potentials, it is difficult to maintain both topics in one website and avoid jalousy, while continuing their growth. Marketing as a topic is a star and, as they say in marketing, the star represents potential. As a result, I have decided to create a separate website dedicated to Marketing.

I wanted it to be a place where the world of marketing would be able to find its strengths and prove its importance in the business area. But this website should also be a place where visitors would find themselves welcome and be encouraged to exchange and participate.

The creation of Marketing Planet

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Marketing Planet, the place for discussions on marketing topics throughout the world.

What Marketing Planet brings you

On Marketing Planet you will find all the marketing and strategy subjects that you are used to find on Jacqueline Oud. You will also find its independance as well as its international approach.

And there is more ...

Marketing Planet: interactive and dynamic

As the creator of Marketing Planet, I do not see it as my personal website. I designed Marketing Planet in a way to encourage discussions and thus to have interactivity. Several authors and the possibility to react to the articles are some of the options. The variety of reviews of books, white papers, case studies and ideas is only another part of it.

Marketing Planet is therefor the website of the people who write it, who react to its articles and who visit it. And I hope it to become the website of those who speak about it.

Consequences for the Jacqueline Oud website

The Jacqueline Oud website will as a consequence be entirely dedicated to Culture. Staying loyal to its visitors, its keywords will remain variety and originality.

In the forthcoming period, the Jacqueline Oud website will undergo some changes in order to increase its content and take its full strength for Culture as will do Marketing Planet for Marketing. For its visitors, it is also the time to tell me their expectations and interests for Jacqueline Oud. Don’t hesitate to take advantage of this opportunity to give me your ideas and suggestions.

For more information

If you are interested in becoming an author and publishing your article(s) on Marketing Planet or if you want to study how this can be done, you can contact me directly or use the contact form.

Each website have its own newsletter to keep you informed:

And I will always there to keep you informed!

[9 August 2004]

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