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This section aims to explain some more about myself. Do you want to learn more about the person behind this website, well you have arrived at the right place.

I don’t intend to make this website a real personal website. You will not read about my cats, see my holiday pictures or anything like that. In a way, I don’t even have cats, but I do like holidays. It happens that I do like culture, especially international culture and its differences. I do have to admit that I like to write thus combining both seemed interesting to me.

Since I’m working in international marketing and sales development, I prefer to write about things that people like to read, and that interests them to ask for more. There can be different reasons why you have come to this website. Whatever took you here and to this part about myself I will try to satisfy your visit and give you quality articles, interesting topics and originality. All it takes to have you come back to my website!
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Your feedback can be on this section only, on any interest you may have in my profile or also regarding the overall information you found in this website.

When reading my profile may interest you for a professional point of view, I invite you to visit also my marketing website: Marketing Planet. Any business propositions are welcome.

This part is still under recontruction. I hope you won’t mind.

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