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Summer Quiz 2004 - The website’s special quiz

Summer Quiz 2004

With all this time for Farniente, the Summer Quiz 2004 will bring some action and surpises. For those who are not yet on holidays, or who don’t have any special plans, you’d better fasten your seatbells because we are going to take a ride in time and place!

Have fun !!

The following questions are not made to complicate live, they’re simply there for bringing some fun and surprises. The answers can be found behind the link at the bottom of the article, but give it a try anyway. According to the website’s philosophy, these questions are rather aiming topics like culture, civilisations, discoveries and originality.

I hope you will like it, and give me your feedback for any improval.

Here we go

  • What is the original height of the Egyptian temple Kheops?
  • How many metres has it lost since its construction 40 centuries ago?
  • About when was built Persépolis and by whom?
  • Where has Jean Paul Gaultier established its new office?
  • What is the main attraction of the house of John Travolta and Kelly Preston?
  • What is the hightest building in the world?
  • When was the Route 66 opened, and when was it really finished?
  • What are the lenghts of the following routes: Trans Canadia Highway and the PanAmerican Route
  • About how many vulcanos exist between Mexico and Panama?
  • What is the "Nogaku theatre"?
  • What can be the maximum lenght of a Whale shark?
  • What lizard feeds itself with seaweed only?
  • Where can we find the world’s largest river waterfall?
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Lizard .....

The anwsers on the questions can be found behind the link: see the answers

[2 August 2004]

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