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Answers to the Summer Quiz 2004

Here are the anwsers to the Summer Quiz 2004

  • What is the original height of the Egyptian temple Kheops? the original height of Kheops was 146.6 mtr. Reckoning that it was built about 40 centuries ago and that it is still standing, it was indeed quite an achievement.
  • How many metres has it lost since its construction 40 centuries ago? Since its creation about 40 centuries ago, the temple has lost about 8 meters.
  • About when was built Persépolis and by whom ? Persepolis, nowadays in Iran, was built at about 512 or 518 before JC and by the great King Darius. All what is left today of Persepolis is only some ruins but architectural projects are ongoing to redefine its original splendor. According to legends, Persepolis was burned when Alexandre the Great took power in the region.
  • Where has Jean Paul Gaultier established its new office? The new premises of Jean Paul Gaultier are on 325, rue Saint Martin, 75003 Paris. In the center of Paris and in an building created in 1912.
  • What is the main attraction of the house of John Travolta and Kelly Preston? The man attraction is the fact that they have a direct view on their 2 airplanes and its runway. During the search for their house, both wanted it to be one where they could have place for their airplanes. In the rest of their house, many elements recall airplanes of airports....
  • What is the hightest building in the world? The highest tower in the world is currently the Taïpeh tower in Taïwan. It reaches a height of 508 metres. Recall that building towers has always been a dream for humankind. With Babel they wanted to be closer to God but nowadays it is more about prestige.
  • When was the Route 66 opened, and when was it really finished? The Route 66 was opened in 1926 but it took until 1938 toben fully finished. Route 66 being the first big Highway has since become a legend.
  • What are the lenghts of the following routes: Trans Canadia Highway and the PanAmerican Route? The Trans Canadia Highway is 7.511km long, longer than the Route 66 and crosses the whole of Canada. It includes also the tracks by ferries. The PanAmerican Route has a lenght of 25.750km and links the North of the Americas with the South of America.
  • About how many vulcanos exist between Mexico and Panama? The area of Central America is highly eruptif. between Mexico and Panama we can count more than 250 vulcanos.
  • What is the "Nogaku theatre"? The Nogaku theatre is ancient forme of Japanese theatre that is still today being played. The rules of this type of theatre are very strict and requires a lot of training. The style is being imported from China to Japan in the 8th century. It consists of two parts: No and Kyogen.
  • What can be the maximum lenght of a Whale-Shark? A Whale-Shark is the worlds biggest fish and can reach 15 meters. It is believed that is can reach even 18 meters.
  • What lizard feeds itself with seaweed only? Not all lizards are feeding itself on the ground nor live in or near forests, the Marine Iguana or Amblyrhyncus Cristatus is feeding itself with seaweed and lives in the sea.
  • Where can we find the world’s largest river waterfall? The world’s largest river waterfall can be found in Mosi-Oa-Tunya or also known as the Victoria Falls. The falls are about 2 kilometres long and have been formed about 2 millions years ago.

I hoped you liked the questions, though I’m aware that they were rather an eccentric or odd mix or different topics. I think I did it on purpose.

Any suggestions or remarks for the Summer Quiz 2004, please send them to me and I will take them into account for a next series of quizzes.

[30 April 2004]

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