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The new Gastero Prod website

Yes, it has arrived....!

This week the great event took place, the new version of Gastero Prod has been launched. Gastero Prod was initially launched in 2001 - was it to pay honour to Stanley Kubrick’s "2001 a Space Odyssey" or was it at the same moment as the "internet big bang"? One thing that is clear, it has managed to survive the various internet perturbations and on top of it, it launched this new version.

What has changed?

First of all, there is the new lay-out. The colours have been changed into some nicer and warmer colours. The background colour has become softer and visiting the webiste is much more a pleasure. The main issues have been put in orange so you can see them easier.

One can clearly see the progress that has been made since 2001 and the quality of the work. Visiting Gastero Prod will as a start already be worth visiting to have a good idea of how a good website should look like, especially in this internet world where websites are often just an ordinary quick splash of someone looking to communicate quickly by using this new distribution channel without knowing how to do so.

But Gastero Prod is more...

This website that presents itself as the website for "Veille tous azimuts - Watch on everything" and looks for everything that might be out of the ordinary or worth discovering. Whether you want to find out something on music, film or books you may find it there. But there are also some completely different topics that came to the attention of Gastero Prod and on which an article was written. As a result there is always something interesting or unsusual to read.

All you need to stay open minded and to be on the lookout:

To make a long story short, Gastero Prod is worth to visit whenever you are looking for something out of the ordinary or if you are in need of an idea.

Are there only positive things to be said?

A website review would not be a good one if there was nothing negative to be said. But I have to be honest and I might not be the right person to give an 100% objective idea on this website since I’m an occasional autor on this website. I appreciate the idea behind Gastero Prod and find it original. But what I regret on this new version of Gastero Prod is that it seems to have become more anonymous then before. Though an introduction or welcome exisits we feel a bit further away from the creator of the website, let’s hope it is only temporary.

Anyhow, this new version seems to have given some new energy to the site as the editing has increased and new articles appear more often. so let’s go and have a look and surf to www.gasteroprod.com

[1 October 2003]

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