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International Film Festival of Rotterdam (IFFR) 2005

The International Film Festival of Rotterdam is a worldwide known and established film festival. Its 2005 edition presents for the 34th time interesting and original films from around the world including world wide and international premieres.

Rotterdam more than a harbour

Besides the worldwide known Oscar Award, the Golden Globe and the Festival de Cannes, there is also the appreciated International Film Festival of Rotterdam.

This year the 34th Festival of Film IFFR is being held from Wednesday January 26 to February 6. As the official press article states “The IFFR 2005 presents 44 world premieres, 32 international premieres and 26 European premieres of feature length films within especially its sections VPRO Tiger Award Competition, Cinema of the Future: Sturm und Drang, Cinema of the World: Time & Tide and S.E.A. Eyes.†, in total more than 100 films are being shown.

Opening and closing film

This years opening will be made with the French documentary film by Raymond Depardon: “10ème Chambre, Instants d’audience†(“The 10th District Court, Moments of Trial†). This film was very well appreciated by the audience in France in fall 2004 and though being a rather original film/documentary, it attracted quite a lot of people.

The closing film will be no less than the latest release of Hayo Miyazaki films “The Howl’s Moving Castle†. Miyazaki created a new vision of Japanese films and animated films. Remember his other films “Princess Mononoké†and “Chihiro†, who were in fact created before.

I quote Sandra Hamer, the IFFR Director, on the reason of the choice on these 2 films for opening and closing: “These films offer an outstanding reflection of what the IFFR wants to celebrate: open mindness, a humane attitude towards mankind and the creative force of fantasy. Depardon presents a remarkable observation on how a contemporary society maintains its laws, Payne gives an excellent and personal portrayal of friendship and MIYAZAKI Hayao, again, shows his diligence in bringing his sensitive fantasies to live through an animated master piece.â€

Diversity and art

This open-mindness and friendship can clearly be found back in the rest of the programme, where this years films reflect many visions from Middle-East issues and Islamic identities. The films “My Brother Arafat†, as well as the first Iraqi film since Saddam Hussein’s fall - “Underexposure†- or the Indian “Chased by Dreams†film are some of the examples.

Films that are of interest due to their cultural, original or independent points of view are often to be found in this Film festival. There is also a high representation of films made in developing countries. It is clear that the IFFR film festival does not aim for the blockbusters. It is the art of the cinema and the promotion of international creations that is being reflected by this festival.

Besides the films that are programmed, many other activities are being proposed, amongst other debates on cinema itself. The festival is also the occasion to encourage different categories of films and creations by means of several awards.

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[26 January 2005]

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