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Sound & Vision

We are living in a world full of action and movement illustrated by sounds and visions. Some do affect us more than others and some are natural whereas others are created especially to be experienced in a special way. "Sound & Vision" takes you th those that are worth to undergo, those that will take you to other places and to other perceptions.

Sounds can be the noise you hear in everyday life but it can also be a masterpiece of made by a classical composer or a beautyfull song. Sound can be a delight or can bring you down.

Vision is what we see around us. Though we all perceive in a different way, we all exchange and describe different types of visions. One of the popular but very effective means of transmission of visions is film.

"Sound & Vision" aims to discover new or good classical type of music and films enriched with its critics. On the other hand, some history and ideas of using sound and vision in your daily life can also be found in this section.

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