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Quiet holiday destination: rent an island

If you have enough of those busy places on your holidays, don’t wait any longer and rent an island! This opportunity and the ways to organise it are proposed by the French management magazine "Management" in his June edition.

As they state, you can now play "Robinson" and be finally at your ease. Whether in France or in the rest of Europe they found some ideas with direct ways to contact for a reservation. Oh, only thing, you should better like the sea.

So where can you go?

  • Croatia, for as from 400 Euros a week
  • Morbihan (Brittany in France), as from 898 Euros a week
  • South of Brittany (France), as from 1600 Euros a week, or 5200 for the entire isle
  • Ibiza (renting is managed by a German) for no less than 35000 Euros a week (!)
  • Ireland, as from 1800 Euros a week, or 5400 Euros for the entire isle

For those who cannot stand to be too far away from the daily city stress, the French also rent an isle near Paris in the river Seine, as from 6000 Euros a week.

PS: one can also find isles to rent outside Europe, I have heard of the possibility of renting an isle near Equador, other opportinities will certainly exist too...