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Musicology - the new CD by Prince

Prince, the pop artist with the many faces is back again with a new CD released since today. Musicology is signed by Prince directly, which means that he has come back to his original artist name. No longer "Symbol, or "The Artist Formerly Known as Prince" and neither any of the other names he has given himself the last few years.

He’s back in the charts with an album that takes us back to the previous Prince years but also some new types of sounds. Musicology is produced by Prince himself with the NPG (New Power Generation) but under the brand of Sony Music.

With the worldwide launching on April the 19th, 2004, it also seems that more communication has been used around this launching than for some of his previous albums. (can this be due to Sony’s wishes?).

We have already listened to Musicology and on this website you can learn more about this new CD, but also about the way Prince applies its marketing strategy and also some info about his previous albums.