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When starting the main article on this series I thought only of making one big article. However when writing the article became longer and longer and I had to admit that none would want to read it till the end. What would be more frustrating than trying to explain how interesting Dutch Literature is when already the explanation is boring everyone. I had to cut the article in pieces and leave it to all of you to choose what to read. So whether you read all the articles or only are interested in this one I’m already very pleased that you are reading this and feel flattered by your interest. This article is about my preferred books and thus the article will be more personalised.

My Preferred books in Dutch Literature

I will start with those authors of which I’m certain that works have been translated in other languages:

  • Harry Mulisch
  • De Ontdekking van de Hemel: (The discovery of Heaven)
  • De procedure : (The Procedure)
  • Hella S. Haasse
  • De Heren van de Thee: (no English translation, in French: les Seigneurs du Thé)
  • De Scharlaken Stad: (Scarlet City- a novel of 16th century Italy)
  • Woud der verwachting: (no translation found)

On the following I cannot tell if any translation has been made (I will give a direct translation of the title)

  • Louis Couperus
  • Eline Vere: (this is the name of the main character) very beautiful book, though rather depressive. I have read the 500 pages in one weekend.
  • Other books from him are very interesting, they depict the bourgeoisie in The Hague at the end of 19th century.

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