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The newyear celebrations in 2006

In many countries the Newyear is being celebrated on January the 1st. December 31th brings a huge party for many and at the sound of 12h00 midnight the new year is being celebrated.

It is not the same everywhere

Hereby a list of some countries or religions that celebrate their newyear in 2006 on a different date than January 1st:

  • In Bosnia-Herzegovina they celebrate also the Orthodox newyear, on January 14th.
  • The Chinese newyear will begin in 2006 on January 29th, at the same date as the the Tibetan newyear.
  • The Islamic newyear - Muharram - starts on January 31st (year 1427).
  • The Persian newyear is celebrated on March 21st and is called Nooruz. (at spring)
  • The Jewish newyear is celebrated during 2 days, in 2006 we will start the year 5767. The celebrations will take place from: sunset September 22, 2006 - nightfall September 24.

There may be other new years celebrations, but I stop with my exemples here. If you know some other, you can inform me about it.


I also read that Christmas is not celebrated on the same date everywhere, it seems that the Armenian Christmas is on January 6th. This considers them more in line with the Epiphany.

Regarding Epiphany, it seems that in Spain the children obtain their presents at Epiphany and not that much on Christmas, or like the Dutch on Saint Nicolas.

Haïti from their side, seems to celebrate on January the 1st also their independance day.

For your information, the Ramadan in 2006 will be from September 24 to October 24th (Eid al-Fitr). Its ending is celebrated by the Id al Fitr (the Feast of braeking the Fast)

It is a strange world after all

I did never verify it in detail, but I’m sure that every day in the year is finally being celebrated somewhere in the world. Whether for a religious, national or historic reason. And, in the most «capitalistic countries» they manage to find new things to celebrte, such like «Secretary Day» or «Grand Mothers Day».

We can say the it is creative, but there might also be a part of neglection in it and that special days are needed to think of being kind with those around us.

Do you want to find out yourself: you can find most calendar dates from the world at the website: www.earthcalendar.com

[4 January 2005]

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