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Karl Lagerfeld designs at H&M

Don’t miss Karl Lagerfeld at H&M

As from November the 12th, special Karl Lagerfeld designs will be for sales at H&M in the world. From jeans, to shirts and dresses or jackets it will be available and designed by no one less than Karl Lagerfeld.

Prices are from 20 Euros to 150 Euros, quite different from the Lagerfeld prices at Chanel. This event by H&M confirms once more the strength to combine low prices, worldwide campaign and big impact. The impact this time is even greater, and the buzz is doing a great job in the world. "Fashion victims" are ready to take a day off as to be sure to find their par of the Lagerfeld clothes.

To enhance the importance not to miss this opportunity, H&M recalls its customers that there will be no re-fabrication. Once the stock finished there will be no more. The Lagerfeld collection will be sold in 20 countries and in 500 H&M stores out of the more than 1000.

Find more on the H&M website:

Some words from Karl Lagerfeld himself about the H&M project: "I have done, for H&M what I do for Chanel, Fendi and Lagerfeld Gallery, which is what people wear the way H&M can do it."