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Hella S. Haasse wins Dutch most famous literature price: Prijs der Nederlandse Letteren 2004

Hella S. Haasse in the hall of fame

Hella S. Haasse is already one of the most famous Dutch authors but by obtaining even the most important Dutch literature price – given only every 3 years – her position in Dutch literature will probably gain even greater importance.

Hella S. Haasse, born in 1918 in Batavia comes back to the Netherlands to continue her studies and starts very soon her writing career. The first novel - Oeroeg - is published in 1948 and still today she regularly writes novels. Hella S. Haasse is internationally known and besides various Dutch literature prices she has also obtained the Legion d’Honneur from France. Accordingly to her international notoriety, many of her books can be found in a variety of translations such as French, German, English.

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