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Euro 2004, Greece wins and creates publicity for Olympic Games 2004

Out of the dark

Seemingly out of the dark, Greece has managed to impose itself on the list of the Euro 2004 and, merely against all odds, has won the final against Portugal with an 0 - 1 score. What better publicity could Greece wish for in regards to their Olympic Games - Athens 2004!

Preparing the flame of the Olympic Games

With the Euro 2004 organised by Portugal, the Portugese team was clearly a favorite. Being in their homeland has probably increased the motivation and strength, but it seems, from a motivation point of view, that being the welcoming country for the Olympic Games, and moreover the country of origin the Olympic Games, for Greece this is an even higher source of motivation.

Competing against negative publicity

With increasing negative publicity, Greece - the country - has currently a very hard time making people believe that "their" Olympic Games 2004 will becme a success. Will the triomph of the Greek national football team foster successfull Olympic Games or is this "pure" coincidence. Maybe it is nothing more than a publicity stunt.

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