Jacqueline Oud - Culture


As states Ernest Renan "Before French culture, German culture, Italian culture, there is human culture", culture is not restricted to a country, and culture from everywhere should be spread out to everyone. it is the layer that is over us all and that unites each and everyone. However, it also the part in life that is so divers and of which many seem to be afraid.

Even without being aware of it, culture is inside of you and it opens your eyes to the world. The section Culture aims to enlargen your horizons and offers to meet a variety of expressions throughout the world.

To better understand one’s culture one should understand some history and the origin of the languages. some topics will be found on these aspects. A second stage will take you higher to the world of literature and continues to the spheres of sound and vision. For those who want to know even more, various weblinks will be at your disposal and you are invited to share your culture with us by sending an email with your proposition.

Open your senses, free your mind and prepare yourself to a journey of impressions and experiences...... welcome in the world of Culture.

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