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Diving in Ibiza

Ibiza the place of partying..... and diving

When mentioning Ibiza many people think immediately of the night clubs, the parties and the mass tourism style "Sex, drugs and Rock’n Roll". Well, if you look better, Ibiza is more than just that though you might need to look for it. I have spent one week at Ibiza and I went there for diving. On the island of Ibiza you can find several diving clubs willing to take you to the different spots to be seen. They will show you the world of Ibiza under water where you will find the opposite of the dance floors, drugs and the many people.

What type of a dive spot is Ibiza

Ibiza is not one of the most beautifull diving destinations such as the vey famous Egypte or Maledives and Carribean Isles but it offers a great range of variety and is one of the best dive spots from the Mediterranean sea. One can find depths of more than 40mtrs, caves, submerged cliffs, wrecks and even a sunk fishing platform. For even beginners level of diving you can find pleasure since in some spots flore and faune can be found as from 5mtrs depth.

What can be seen

I have done several dives at different spots around Ibiza and had the experience of diving in a cave like as they call it a "cathedral" and around the sunken fishing platform. I als dived around the rocks and a kind of cliff. The photos in the picture gallery will provide an overview of the variety of flore and faune.

I have not been very low, due to my short diving experience but the fellow divers of a higher level have also visited the wreck of a ship and explored more faune and flore. I think it is correct to say that I have seen most of the fishes from the meditarrenean sea, though not the biggest ones though I have even seen some dauphins. Amongst the photos from the species I have seen are the moray eels, crawfishes, cardinal fishes, barracudas, scorpion fishes and an octopus.

One of the most intersting dives made was the cathedral cave "Cueva Cala Llonga" The entrance is at the depth of 15mtr and 10mtrs high. At the inside, after having followed a small "corridor", one comes in the main room of the cave where one can breath normally since one can reach a surface. On the ceiling you can see different stalactites and stalagmites. When diving back again the entrance is lighted up in a special way due to the outer light.

JPEG - 5 kb
Me around platform
JPEG - 12.5 kb
JPEG - 8.4 kb
Another anemone
JPEG - 2.6 kb
Big barracuda alone
JPEG - 14.3 kb
JPEG - 11.4 kb
JPEG - 5.9 kb
Part of the wreck
JPEG - 13 kb
Sea star
JPEG - 5.2 kb
Beach of Isle Formentera
JPEG - 5.8 kb
Another vision of the Isle
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JPEG - 8.6 kb
It’s me again
JPEG - 11.4 kb
JPEG - 12.5 kb
An almost closed Mother of pearl
JPEG - 12.4 kb
Part of the platform
JPEG - 11.9 kb
JPEG - 8.5 kb
Stalactites in cave

For more information

The diving club that arranged our dives locally was "Ibiza Diving", based at the port of Santa Eularia. They rent all material and organise for all diving levels the various excursions. I didn’t preoccupy with any organisation as I was part of our local dive club too and all was taken care of. Should you want to go diving overthere it might be wise to see the different diving clubs and the destinations that exist as I think that there are also other destinations possible than the ones I have done according to your level and interest. Ibiza Diving organised our dives very well and gave good explanations on the flore and faune we could see.

I would like above all to thank the diving club Scubassco for the marvelous time we spent together and the beautiful pictures they all took.

[18 November 2003]

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