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Athens 2004 - Olympic Games / Jeux Olympiques

The Olympic Games are arriving

With the return of the games in Athens, the games have reached a new milestone. The worldwide sports event that one cannot easily ignore especially this time, due to the negative communication regarding its organisation. Nevertheless, the Greek have managed to create a suspens and attract the attention.

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The Official Olympic Games Logo

Back to its roots

On the homepage of the Athens Olympic Games we can find the following quote: «As in the daytime there is no star in the sky warmer and brighter than the sun, likewise there is no competition greater than the Olympic Games.» by Pindar, Greek lyric poet, 5th century bc.

It is true that the Games have not lost its touch after all these years. Remember that the games took place for the first time in 776 BC. Though they represented «human creativity and excellence» and were very successful, they were abolished in 393AD for being too pagan.

The world had to wait until 1896 when, with the help of Pierre de Coubertin, the Olympic Games regained existence and even started «traveling» throughout the world discovering new countries and cultures.

The Olympic Torch is about to arrive at its destination

The Olympic Games 2004 will start on August 13th and finish on August 29th. The "voyage" of the Olympic Torch however has started already quite some time ago. Being brought From Sydney to Athens, it will be the first time that it reaches Athens after a real worldwide tour when arriving on the 9th of July. Will the light from the torch be as bright as in the beginning and will the Olympic Games 2004 become a technically success as the Greek comité hopes it will be?

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Olympics logo Athens 2004

The progamme of the Games is ready and so is the website. For those who want to have a look, take a visit at Athens 2004. You can also find some interesting information regarding the organisation of the games as well as some pratical information, in case you would have planned to go to the Games.

Sports as seen by the ancient Greek

Sports was originally seen as something more esthetical and to accomplish oneself. The Greek aimed to be in harmony with their body and mind and according to the laws of nature. This approach of sports also enabled them to manage their violence.

Nowadays, we notice that sports is still a means to eliminate stress and other ways of pression. On the other hand, we tend to neglect the harmonious part of sports. With doping and demands of todays society, sports has become a way to surpass ones capacities and to show a way of force and importance.

Is sports becoming a new way of stress in the end or might Athens teach us a lesson of old greek philosophy? Anyway, there seems to be little chance that Zeus will look at it from Olympe.

Do not forget the Paralympic Games, another part of the The Olympic Games.

[28 June 2004]

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