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Discover the "Hotel de Ville" of Paris - online visit

Out of the many famous buildings in Paris, the Hotel de Ville is one that is not only impressive but also quite mysterious. Mysterious because it is very rarely possible to visit this building and nevertheless it is supposed to be one where the daily life in Paris is being organised.

The Mayor of Paris and his website team seem to have found a way to solve this and to satisfy the curiosity of the many. It is now possible to have an online visit in the Hotel de Ville. Even in English and with full explanation.

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Visit the Hotel de Ville of Paris

In 16 different chapters, you can have a full visit of the various parts of the Hotel. Images and explanations are presented to you in a dynamic way, making you want to smile and learn more.

What to find in this virtual tour:

  • The history about the Hotel de Ville
  • Full decorations and explanations on the artists
  • Unusual aspects of the building and a large visit throughout the various rooms.

This virtual tour is really worth it, besides, the lady that explains it all in "live" seems herself also very motivated and that is encouraging.

Some findings

  • Did you know where the "famous" French word "grève" comes from (grève means strike, and seems rather popular in France)?
  • Did you know that largest room in the Hotel de Ville was copied on one of the famous rooms of the Versailles Chateau?
  • Do you know what South Korean artists do in the Hotel de Ville?

Well, reason enough to find it all out and learn about the famous Hotel de Ville, click here to take you to the visit: Visit Paris - Hotel de Ville

This visit is also available in other languages. Go to the homepage to find out more: Paris Hôtel de Ville - online visit home page

[2 May 2005]

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